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The Annual
Black Owned Small Business Expo...
is Coming to Baltimore

Saturday, November 25, 2023
The Baltimore Convention Center 

The Annual

Black Owned Small Business Expo

Past Year Highlights


The Black Owned Small Business Expo was created to give minority owned businesses, entrepreneurs, small businesses resources, start-ups and their supporters, a platform to network, collaborate and build in order to strengthen our local economies.

This Semi- Annual event has grown not only to include local small business vendors, but also resources for small businesses, funding sources and more recently, workshops and seminars dedicated to business and personal development. 

Held every year in the spring and on Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday) this event has attracted more than 2,100 attendees and over 400 locally owned small businesses. Its a day FULL of opportunity and dedication to CHANGING THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS.

A Short Story about

Events | Marketing | Business Management 

DanieBJones is a premier Marketing, Event & Business Management Organization with a focus in small and start -up businesses and community events. 


Founded in 2016 by Danielle Burrell Jones, we have become one of the fastest growing Marketing, Event & Business Management firms in Maryland. With a network of more than 250 businesses, we pride ourselves on building small and startup businesses into sustainable organizations with longevity. 


We work hard to help businesses develop their ideas into defined executable plans and explore every innovative marketing strategy to brand businesses and tell their unique stories. We also support businesses in building continual Business to Business relationships through our large network.


Best of all, we are known for our ground breaking business and community events including the Black Owned Small Business Expo and Southern Maryland Small Business Expo. These are  two of our largest events dedicated to aiding businesses in growth through growing clientele, revenue resources and more. We recently launched an online Marketplace that provides small businesses with resources, trainings, funding, and a place to build business to customer relationships and just as importantly business to business relationships virtually. 


Event Highlights

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