Register for the Virtual

Black Owned Small Business Expo 

How It Works: 

This year registration for the Annual Black Owned Small Business Expo will take place through our newly relaunched online marketplace. Each business vendor should complete the application below to register their business for the online marketplace and Fall Black Owned Small Business Expo. There is no vendor fee to participate in this year's fall event.  Our goal is to fill the Marketplace with as many Black Owned Businesses, products, services, resources and more to benefit our growing community of black business owners and consumers. This year the Black Owned Small Business Expo will run from Black Friday 11/28 - Cyber Monday 11/30, however the marketplace will continue to be a hub, resource and place to shop, sell and support Black Owned Businesses FOREVER! 


Beginning Black Friday...

event attendees will be able to visit the Marketplace site and attend live seminars, connect with you and purchase your products and services all in one convenient place. Please note that it is important to complete your registration in totality to benefit from all of the wonderful functionalities of our online marketplace. 

Why You should Join.... 

Our Black Owned Small Business Expo has grown over the last 5 years from serving 50 to now serving over 500 Black Owned Businesses and more than 3,000 patrons and consumers.  While our in person events are always great, we want to offer a place of continual support to Black Businesses all over the world everyday of the year! THIS IS THE PLACE TO MEET CUSTOMERS, IN YOUR COMMUNITY THAT ARE EXCITED ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Its just another step forward in Black Economic Development & us Changing the Way We Do Business!